About the FRF

The Front Row Film is a content creation company that specializes in promoting your school, your team, and your players. We want to turn your memories into media so they can live long past this season. 

We started creating content as a recruiting tool for Westminster College back in 2012. A gameday program to give to recruits, roster video to introduce and highlight our players, social media graphics to recap games, and player posters for senior day got us started in sports marketing. 

We started to see a need for high quality content to be produced outside of professional and high end D1 programs. Why can’t a high school kid have a composite poster? Why does a travel basketball team have to be stuck with the same boring photos every year? Why can’t we celebrate players no matter their age or level? 

Although I have only been in photo/video creating for 12 years, I have been around sports my whole life. This is where the years of being on both sides of the camera mesh with the creativity and vision to stay ahead of trends and deliver media that will last a lifetime.